Art and Music

In our program we have made a distinction between an “art” activity and a “craft”. It is important to note that in both types of activities the primary emphasis is on the process not the product. What the finished product looks like (if there is one) is far less important than what the children learn and experience as they complete the task.

We refer to art activities as those which are minimally guided by the teacher and which provide the children with a means of expression, the opportunity to socialize with their peers, and time to develop their individual creativity.

anything a child does when he or she goes to the classroom’s Art Center during the “center choices” segment of the day

experimentation with a variety of art materials used in a variety of ways: finger painting, drawing/coloring with markers, chalk, crayons, etc., and working with clay or playdough

We refer to crafts as those activities which are highly teacher-directed and help the children learn to follow directions and use art materials as instructed. Craft activities may include:

anything the children create in response to a request made by the teacher; for example, if the teacher asks the children to “draw a home” or “make a bird feeder”

any activities which require the children to follow specific steps in order to complete a craft; for example, using a pattern to cut and glue together pieces of paper to create an animal face

instruction in the correct use of scissors, writing instruments, etc.

Music is an integral part of our curriculum. We sing to and with the children daily in circle time, during transitions times, and in “big room” play. We have children’s tapes and CDs, some musical videos as well as classical music as available resources. We have musical instruments such as bells, cymbals, rhythm sticks, tambourines, etc.