Math Concepts

Basic math concepts are a crucial foundation for the kind of reasoning children become capable of as they enter kindergarten and elementary school. We provide a variety of hands-on activities which help children gain an overall understanding of these concepts. We believe that it is more important for children to have a sense of the amount of something and how it relates to other amounts than it is for them to be able to count aloud from one to ten or even to 1000. Basic math concepts and ways they can be incorporated into daily activities include:

problem solving: puzzles, building blocks, predicting the outcome of events (“what will happen next?”)

measurement: matching and grouping games based on long/longer/longest, small/smaller/smallest, few/fewer/fewest, and understanding concepts of today, tomorrow, yesterday, day, night, etc.

shapes and spatial relationship: games and art activities involving circles, squares, triangles, etc., and games and activities that actively involve students in moving themselves or objects up/down, over/under, in/out, etc.

counting: number songs and finger plays, calendar activities, hands-on small manipulatives