Motor Skills

This component of the curriculum involves every aspect of physical development for the preschool aged child. Each day there are a variety of opportunities for your child to develop their skills in four general areas of motor development:

large motor skills: locomotors (walking, running, hopping, jumping, etc.) and non-locomotors (balancing, bending, pushing, turning, stretching)

movement concept skills: body awareness, space awareness, follow the leader, etc.

rhythmic movement skills: performance of motor skills in rhythmic manner, dancing

fine motor skills: grasping, squeezing, lacing, tying, catching, rolling, etc., using small manipulatives

Some of the activities which address this area of the curriculum include group games such as “Duck, Duck, Goose,” dance activities such as “The Hokey Pokey,” free play during recess, dramatic play, table choices such as pegboards or lacing cards, any activity which requires manipulation (legos, scissors, holding a pencil), parachute play…the list goes on!