Our Philosophy

Our philosophy includes the recognition of the uniqueness of each child and the treatment of all children with the dignity and respect that should be accorded all human beings. We feel that a positive self-esteem is the most important asset that a child can have and do all we can to enhance each child’s self image in the warm and loving atmosphere provided.

Our Purpose

To build a bond between the home and the school.shall be to provide regular, dependable care for the children through recreational, educational, and cultural activities in an environment designed to promote the general well-being and growth of each child.

Our goals for children are:

To help them develop a positive self image, a wholesome attitude toward their bodies and a good start toward reaching their potentials.

To develop social skills through positive social interaction.

To provide opportunities to develop their whole personalities through:

  1. first hand experiences in social relationships.
  2. development of large and small motor skills.
  3. identification of acceptable outlets for emotions.
  4. stimulation experiences which encourage thinking and problem solving.

To encourage them to express themselves through materials,
movement, and language by providing ample time and
opportunity to do so.

To stimulate language through listening, hearing, and speaking.

To develop an awareness of the five senses.

To encourage independence.

To encourage learning and increase knowledge by asking questions
and exploring the environment, to heighten a sense of curiosity by
providing a variety of first-hand experiences.

To meet their needs as individuals and as a group.

To foster good attitudes toward school and learning.